5 Rewarding Careers to Explore With a Music Degree

MusicianLooking for a job in the music industry but are worried that all the good ones are taken? Fear not. Although it can often seem as though the industry doesn't have many careers to offer to those who aren't destined for stardom, there are more options for someone with a music degree than you may realize.


Often when people think of a career in the music industry, they assume that the field is a crowded one, and that genuine job options are few and far between. The reality of the situation is quite different, however, and a degree in music can provide a lot more opportunities than just busking on the street. From working as an arts administrator to being and app/software developer, this article by Rachelle Wilber on MusicThinkTank explores a multitude of rewarding jobs available to those with music degrees.

"An arts administrators represents the business and operational side of music. This includes marketing, management and public relations. There are a variety of entry-level jobs within an arts administration career. For example, grant writing, fundraising and coordinating events. Arts administrators are employed by a variety of organizations, such as museums, theaters and music companies. "

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