6 Acronyms You Should Seek As A Touring Musician [Kosha Dillz]

Acronyms-300Rapper Kosha Dillz recently finished up quite a bit of travelling from the Vans Warped Tour during which time he came up with several acronyms relating to a lifestyle on the road and which, if applied, can make the whole experience of touring that much better.


Guest Post by Kosha Dillz

After I docked the amount of traveling I did for this year on Vans Warped Tour (a whopping 16k miles in 52 days) , I had a slew of ideas coming to me. It didn't all make sense to me after 12 hour days in 100 degree weather, but right now I am on a plane to Santa Ana from Seattle. When I land I'll take an uber to Diamond Bar to get my car from my friend's place who kept it there since the June 19th Pomona show, and will take that to North Hollywood to pick up my left over merch and tent from the Mod Sun bus in North Hollywood. Then I'll have to get a storage space for the first time, and begin shipping out my kickstarter rewards.

 Sounds like a lot? Nope. It is all fun and games to me. Traveling is everything for a musician, and although the pay might not be what I want just yet, it is surely what I need to enjoy life, and maybe it'll inspire you to get on the road too! Check out these 6 acronyms I came up with, that are going to make you feel deeper than any spiritual pool you may find on the inter webs.


1.R.E.A.L. M.E. Random Encounters Always Leave Me Elevated!

It's 4 am and we pull into a bus stop in some place in Oregon.  I chat with a store clerk about the town and the history. Her name is Fran. In 30 minutes I'm back on the road. Sounds simple, but these things sometimes create online friends and people who stay in touch. They message me and it makes their day that I came into their life, and it literally does the same for mine. I don’t do great with relationships (work in progress) but I truly excel in meeting people, which makes touring so much fun. Go into a general store and have a random encounter by the coffee machine!


2. N.A.T.U.R.E. (Now and Then U really Experience!)

Touring gives me the opportunity to see so much beauty in the world. I recall my friend MC Pig Pen and I once heading to Yosemite National Park for a short trip and seeing bear and bison all over the place. I could tell you about my time at the Grand Canyon after a Murs' show in Flagstaff. I can’t tell you how all the shows were, but I do know that those experiences "made tours" to me, and were also where normal people pay loads of money to go to. I am very grateful I can see it all for free on many occasions. Some people never leave their neighborhoods, so N.A.T.U.R.E. is a beautiful site!








3.  M.I.R.A.C.L.E. – Maybe Its Real and Can Love Everyone.

The Road is a tough place and fame is fleeting.

I recall once being in Colorado and heading to a hot spiring while it was snowing. I didn't know where it was and I didn't know how to get there, but the snow blocked the highway from traveling to Breckenridge that day for my show with Del the Funky Homosapien. Poof…I ended up in a random spa since I couldn't drive from the show, and then I ended up having an amazing show later that night at three 20 south. I believe the road attracts you to it and spits you back out when it decides. If shit happens, just roll with it!


4. L.O.C.A.L. – Lots of creation, amazing locations!

This summer, catering was beyond the wildest of dreams, and I never really experienced such great catered food until I hit the road with Matisyahu before this. I remember this festival having amazing food, and cooks who put time and effort into making things amazing for the artist.

 I also remember places in Burlington like Handy's pancakes and experiencing the camaraderie of a place who is grateful your visit, your support of local business and your social media check in. Sometimes the small business of a city needs the outside visitor who comes in . Not only do you lift your day when you go Local, but you lift local business! You really understand DIY musicianship on a global level when you travel to towns and support the local ownership. These people will support your shows if you support their business. As entrepreneurs, we must go out of our way to support other small businesses within the towns we play.


5. S.L.E.E.P – Spread Love Evenly and Everywhere with Purpose

Once you get to shows in the cities you go to, it is a fun experience to never have a hotel booked. I know that sounds insane, but if you don't have many fans in a town anyway, the best way to engage a city is to become a local overnight. I think anyone successful who has toured cities over and over again has done this. I recall doing a show in Lawrence ,Kansas in a snowstorm, for 3 people, and discovering Jimmy john's that same night. The bartender of the place let me crash at him and his girl's place about 30 minutes away. It was cold dark and weird, but there was so much warmth once I got inside and really interesting oil paintings of Jesus. I never spoke to him again, but many of the people like Derill Pounds in Oshkosh and become some of my best on tour friends and I utilize them to help me tap in to the local scene and bring out their friends to spread the tunes.


6. V.I.N.T.A.G.E.  – Very Interesting Now That Age Gives Education

Some of the coolest things I find on the road make me proud and have begun my other hobby, which is vintage collection. I bought a Japanese shirt in a Detroit truck in Austin Texas and found a ton of 30 year old band buttons in Cheyenne,Wyoming. This has inspired me to collect  these rare gems, which only helps the DIY shows and brand of KD. My attendees are usually a little bit off to the left, seeking out “more” meaning, so they appreciate the old stuff like original “coke” buttons and “jerry lewis telethon” buttons


OK that is 6 things that are acronyms you may find useful. Get out there and go create some more of your own. 

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