A Must Listen For Every Musician: The Martin Atkins Minute – “Blackberry Jam Scam”

image from i.ytimg.comMartin Atkins was the drummer of Public Image Limited.  More recently, he's become an insightful and hilarious commentator, author and teacher dissecting what it takes to "make it" as a musician.

Here in the first in a new series for NPR's All Songs Considered podcast, very funny musician, SAE professor and pundit Martin Atkins takes on the practice of giving out demos with a great story entitled the Blackberry Jam Scam. You can buy Martin's latest, greatest book Welcome to the Music Business: You're F**ked! on Amazon. 

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  1. So what Martin is saying is that if you don’t have a Jam Scam, you might as well not bother?
    From now on I think I’ll be putting all the time and effort into making jam – forget about music – If the jam is where your attention is, and I’m trying to make a living, I see what I have to do – invest all that time and energy into making the best jam ever – I’m sure I can find some schmuck to provide music for my TV commercials when I need them – thanks Martin!
    No, seriously, the sooner this outdated model of “the biz” and “the demo” gets buried, the happier we will all be. I don’t want to spend my whole life emotionally blackmailing people. I got told it when I was 15, and 30 years later, everything that’s worked for me has been obtained with no need for home made jam. tl;dr, YMWV.

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