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Are The Beatles About To Join The Streaming Music Revolution?

image from www.hypebot.comThere are only a handful of major artists that have kept there music entirely off the streaming music services [full list here.] The Beatles lead that list, but now their are hints that may be about to change.

image from archer2000.tripod.comOver the last few days, The Beatles have been sharing hints of a "big announcement." There's a countdown video [see below] and short declarations on their official social media accounts using the hashtag #thebeatles1.

1 is the title of The Beatles successful collection of best selling singles. Released on 2000, it sold more than 30 million copies. 

Fan speculation varies wildly online. But industry insiders – citing rumors earlier this year that a deal with Apple had been cut – are betting that "1" will be released to the streaming music services soon, as a way for The Beatles to test the waters or the first step in a carefully timed campaign.

The countdown teaser:



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  1. DAMN !!!! – I was hoping it was going to be a DVD version of the 1 album – all the promo films !!!!

  2. I think it’s weird that The Beatles’ music hasn’t been available already on streaming sites, granted, it is of little hassle as I’m sure many already have their music in multiple mediums already.

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