College Group Pays Asher Roth $7500 Not To Play Over Lyrics Like “Ass”, “Naked”, “Wasted”

image from pointnoted.comThe Associated Students of the University of Utah cancelled a show with rapper Asher Roth at the last minute over past statements from Roth that the student body deemed insensitive.

According to the Utah Daily Chronicle, Asher Roth was to perform at the annual  Associated Students of the University of Utah fall concert on Sept 18th, but  the student group decided to pay a $7,500 cancellation fee instead.

image from www.celebrityaccess.comThe student organization took issue with some of the lyrics in Roth's music, such as his hit "I love college" which features stanzas such as "I danced my ass off and had this one girl completely naked” and “Time isn’t wasted when you’re getting wasted."

The college also took exception to a 2009 tweet from Roth, in which he said he was "hanging with nappy headed hoes." At the time, Roth drew criticsm for the tweet and subsequently deleted it, admitting that it was immature. The comment was likely a reference to radio host Don Imus's 2007 comment where he used the same derogative phrase in reference to Rutger's women's basketball team and which ultimately led to the cancellation of his radio show.

The school had originally planned to pay Roth $15,000 for the performance but dropped the amount on August 10th as a cancellation fee.

In Roth's place, the student organization booked four local bands. – via CelebrityAccess

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