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Fake Warner Music Email Threatens Top Torrent Uploaders

WmgSeveral active uploaders have received threatening emails, purportedly from the Warner Music Group. Filled with spelling and grammar errors and sent from an masked address outside of WMG, it is almost certainly not from the company. But it caused concern among active uploaders. The email:

via TorrentFreak

Warner email threat

Full text of the email:

Dear User,

Warner Music has recieved a mail from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you are been evolved in sharing copyright materials on torrents sites. And we are going to take some strict actions against you for sharing our (c) copyright material. If you are ready for settlement then delete all our (c) copyright materials and delete your account from all torrent sites.

If you have any question regarding this notice, you can send a letter or email to:

Warner Music UK Limited
Legal Department
The Warner Building
Warner Music UK Limited, The Warner Building
27 Wrights Lane
W8 5SW


Warner Music UK Limited

Ignoring the email would result in legal actions.



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  1. The question is why aren’t intellectual property companies sending letters like this, with proper grammar and spelling?

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