Live365 Launches DJ Curated Music Discovery Channel – How To Submit Music

image from www.celebrityaccess.comCuration and, thanks to the early success of Beats 1, disc jockeys are hot topics in music streaming and the wider music industry. Now internet broadcaster Live365 has launched a new DJ curated radio station aimed at music discovery


image from 339metal.com

Live365's new streaming station Discovery365 will feature only music from emerging and indie artists, across a variety of musical genres. The station will help promote new artists by letting them tell the stories behind their music. 

New music is added to the playlist daily and the station eventually feature genre-specific shows, including Hard Rock/Metal, Jazz, Urban/HipHop/Rap, EDM/Dance/Chill, and Country/Folk/Singer-Songwriter. 

The station is programmed and curated by veteran radio programmer Dean Kattari (KFOG, KRSH, KSAN, KINK-FM, KRSH, MAX-FM) who launched the station earlier this summer. 

Bands and labels are requested to submit their music and stories on the station's website – www.live365.com/d365

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