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8 Most Viewed Music Videos Of All Time On YouTube

YouTube-icon-full_colorFor many fans, YouTube is where they consume music; and for many musicians YouTube where they promote and find new fans.  But only a select few really really break through to real mainstream. In fact, only 8 music videos have more than 1 billion views.

The 8 Most Viewed Music Videos Of All Time On YouTube 

  1. Psy: Gangnam Style - 2,406,688,654 Views
  2. Justin Bieber: Baby - 1,207,377,406 Views
  3. Taylor Swift: Blank Space - 1,129,447,206 Views
  4. Katy Perry: Dark Horse - 1,086,631,431 Views
  5. Katy Perry: Roar: 1,049,137,307 Views
  6. Enrique Iglesias: Bailando - 1,027,716,512 Views
  7. Taylor Swift: Shake it Off - 1,022,010,471 Views
  8. Meghan Trainor: All About That Bass - 1,004,721,343 Views

Of the 8 videos that have exceeded 1 billion views, 5 were uploaded in 2014.

via Reelseo