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Overheard @ The Tunecore Indie Artist Forum

Peter AsherLast week, Tunecore brought together LA's indie music community for its first ever Indie Artist Forum.  By all measures, the day was a success and with Tunecore already stepping up their live event offerings, we wouldn't be surprised if they brought this to other cities. A few takeaways from LA:

"It's important to note that many of these major labels started as indies."  – Peter Asher, Former head of A&R for Apple Records (pictured upper left)
"Think like a Fan" – former Twitter and Topspin exec Bob Moczydlowsky
"I need to stop the ringing in my head from all of the hip hop artists saying over and over again 'that doesn't apply to me and the hip hop and rap world' – no matter what the advice was on practically any subject." – Adam Davis, Skyline Music
"The best advice given at the#indieartistforum was probably the fact that your best plan A is to have no Plan B" – indie artist Sebastian
"We're really going to focus on getting money to you… There's money on the table… It's your money."  – Scott Ackerman, CEO Tunecore

"We're going to provide the tools so you can help yourself….  Tunecore wants to be the place you come to learn."  – Joe Cuello, CCO Tunecore

Ricky Reed and Bonnie McKee

Ricky Reed, Bonnie McGee

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