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  1. 10-22-2015 257-45- To the Music industry, I am ALVINO L.HILL, or A.HILL, I am the Executive, of Katy Perry album. I also did all of the surround work that distance a good album. I stated, I was going to take her to the top, and 11 to 13 number#1 hits is the accomplishment from some good work. I have been waiting for 7,to 7 1/2 years for my reward and results from accomplishment.I need my reward and accomplishment to better my immediate living. I have been intuning for years, at the local precinct, and on my own, on street corners, regular crossing, and selected areas. I view myself as an top executive that is starving for success.I am delighted to have put together some good work. I have, ask Country Music if they could help me with some assistance, for my reward and results. I am in need presently. Thank You.

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