Riding The Vinyl Boom, Technics Returns With New Turntable

image from i.kinja-img.comThe vinyl record boom has been good for artists and great for independent records stores. But it has also spawned startups to serve vinyl lovers and  a resurgence in turntable manufacturing.

vinylTechnics, once one of the leading names in turntables, announced that they are re-entering the turntable market. 

Technics parent Panasonic showed off a prototype of the new deck (pictured above) at the IFA Trade Show in Berlin. The new analog direct drive turntable is made from aluminum and at least for now, has no visible tone arm, though the company did not give any indication that it operates without one. 

"Turntables are a very iconic product for the Technics brand," Michiko Ogawa, director of Technics and executive officer at Panasonic, told Wired UK. "It is important to show our sincere dedication [to that]. The turntable market is very small but it is a very important brand product." 

The company announced earlier this year that they were returning to the American market with an array of high end Hi-Fi systems.

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