Music Crowdfunding And What Happens Next [Arial Hyatt, Cyber PR]

2The world of crowdfunding is fraught with challenges. Being able to connect with fans in a way that allows you to stand out from the crowd, but isn't  obnoxiously off-putting requires a nuanced approach, something the people at Social Media House are here to help with.


Guest Post by Ariel Hyatt on Cyber PR Music

The Final Week


How do I join the revolution? How do I get my fans to support my dream? Will a fan funding campaign help me find new fans? What happens if my campaign fails?

The internet is a powerful way to raise money for projects and get your fans to fund endeavors, attend VIP events and participate in special opportunities with you. Many artists complain that they feel like carnival barkers when approaching fan funding. Find out how to create a program that will get you paid and keep your self-esteem intact.

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 Watch week nine’s videos:

Introduction To Week 9: Fan Funding and Continuum Programs

Week 9: Fan Funding and Continuum Programs

 Download the Action Sheets here:

Action Sheet 9: Ariel’s Treasure Trove of Sites that can help you

Action Sheet 9.1: 5 Things Needed to Pre-prepare for a Crowd Funding Campaign

Action Sheet 9.2: Crowd Funding Campaign Checklist

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