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Spotify newSpotify has put a full court press on customer acquisition and it appears to be working. Perhaps motivated by new competitor Apple Music or in preparation for a 2016 IPO, Spotify sees an opening and they're using it.

It turns out that a very public battle with Taylor Swift and the launch of competitor Apple Music were both good news for Spotify. Both events informed the uninformed masses that something called "streaming music" was worth checking out; and Spotify decided that they should be the beneficiary of all this attention.

What has followed is a series of ad and marketing campaigns, as well as, a never ending stream of Spotify execs being interviewed and appearing on stage at music conferences, tech conventions, investor gatherings and more.

100 million

This week Spotify chief revenue officer Jeff Levick shared that Spotify expects to have“close to 100 million” users by the end of the year. That's a major jump from the 75 million users the company announced just a few months ago.