The Best Way For Musicians To Make Money Isn’t With Music

1For many artists who achieve success in the modern music industry, the greatest income which they earn is not generated directly from the music which they write and record, but rather from other pursuits outside the industry.


This article by Dan Sarath on MusicThinkTank looks at how the ways in which artists make money have changed over the years, using the recent hit film Straight Outta Compton as jumping off point to examine how the artists depicted in the film, although they were successful as musicians, went on to reap their greatest rewards with pursuits outside of the music business. 

"The scenes are meant to acknowledge how these unremarkable Los Angeles boys would grow up to have fame and success in their respective business ventures (Dre made more money than any other musician in 2014 due to his involvement in Beats). This is something that is becoming increasingly common as musicians make less and less money from their actual music in the era of streaming and downloading."

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  1. Thats with many things. Being a musician though you do something that isn’t average. This is not your typical 925 where you clock in everyday. What is ends up happening is you get to reach a massive amount of people some of those that become finacial partners. Not something that usually happens when you clock in everyday.

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