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StubHub Responds To Hypebot Post On All In Ticket Pricing Reversal

image from hometechsupportclub.comLast week,we wrote about how StubHub had dropped all-in pricing after declaring  it would revolutionize ticketing with transparency.  In response, StubHub issued a statement:

"We have many different types of users at StubHub. A significant number of users prefer to comparison shop while other users prefer to just see the out of pocket price when making purchasing decisions.

After two weeks of testing and closely listening to customer feedback, we have decided to introduce an updated user experience that enables consumers to choose how they want to see pricing on the site. At StubHub, we believe that giving users more choice, and enabling them to shop how they want, is the best thing for our customers and for our business." – StubHub

Our original article:

StubHub Drops All In Pricing As Promised "Ticketing Revolution" Fails To Materialize

image from www.hypebot.comWhen Michael Rapino took over Live Nation, he promised a revolution in ticketing; and when he acquired Ticketmaster, one almost believed that it would happen.  Along the way, a group of digital ticketing upstarts also promised to change the system.  But it appears that in ticketing, old habits die hard. 

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