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Taylor Swift Takes On Periscope With Takedown Notices For Fan Created Videos

image from img.ccrd.clearchannel.comLive video on Periscope has caused concern among media company and rights holders. Most musicians, however, view Pericope – whether fan created or band authorized – as a promotion tool. No so, Taylor Swift

periscope logoTaylor Swift's TAS Rights Management has been recently sent dozens of takedown notices to Twitter owned  Pericope demanding the takedown of videos shot by fans streaming portions of concerts or otherwise showing their love.

The aggressive takedown campaign appears to be unique among major music stars.  

Here's an example of one of the letters via TorrentFreak:


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  1. A video of her concert appeared on Youtube & Rolling Stone and it was taken down. Ok, she was lip synching pretty badly, still, all amateur videos of her concert get taken down in a matter of hours or a couple of days. Copyrights? Yes, they are not great quality videos, it’s not like they will impact on DVD sales. Periscope is low quality streaming…
    Maybe more keen to hide the fact that half the concert (literally) is her TALKING, 25% lip synching, the rest… You basically hear the back vocalists more than her (religiously autotuned of course).

  2. Queen of Lawsuits!
    This woman has been suing anyone who uses her name, even her lyrics on little objects that midest artesans made.
    What goes round, comes round. Remember this, Taylor Suit!

  3. And her fans say that she’s ‘loyal’… She sues anyone who mentions her name out of her fake media image. She poses with a black kid the day after she gets accused of having a racist video. She poses next to a swastika, then this particular swastika wasn’t Nazi (it was, it was right handed, but she ignores history apparently).
    Two billion articles written on how nice her smells fart while the great majority of people find her boring and fake.

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