The Difference Between A Successful And An Unsuccessful Band

1Curious about why no one is showing up at your band's shows, or why it's such a struggle to even book them in the first place? Can't figure out why the other new bands in your area seem to be able to effortlessly fill a venue? Today's article offers some tips on where you might be going wrong with your music career.


While starting a new band is an exciting experience, it's easy to get carried away early on. In particular, the prominance of social media can often cause artists to try and promote themselves well in advance of actually have any quality content to show potential fans. This article by Paul Williamson on MusicThinkTank looks at two hypothetical bands side-by-side: one which plans ahead and takes all the right steps, and the other which recklessly blunders into their career and, inevitably, crashes and burns.

"TRASH are so excited about playing to big crowds of adoring fans, they reckon their music is kick-ass and speaks for itself. They launch their Facebook, inviting all their friends, get about 200-300 likes, and start posting terrible quality videos of them playing (sounds like it was recorded with a microwave). Around 3 or 4 people like the videos (but never watched them fully), and the band is now contacting promoters asking for gigs. Not many reply… "

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