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THE PITCH: Localized Concert Discovery App DoStuff

The pitchTHE PITCH today comes from concert discovery app DoStuff. There are a number of startups working on concert discovery. BandsInTown and Songkick, for example, share info provided from artists, agents and the industry.  DoStuff takes a more curated approach, partnering with local concert promoters.

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The DoStuff App is the first dedicated mobile app for the DoStuff Network, and an essential tool for live music fans to find the best shows and parties going on in their city. It’s the DoStuff network of local relationships, built up one-by-one, that gives the DoStuff App and local properties their soul. It’s also why DoStuff gets local event recommendations right.

There’s no Silicon Valley A.I. under the hood here, just passionate locals who want to help people have a better time in their cities (including NYCAustinThe Bay AreaMexico City and more).

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