Why You Need To Be On Instagram, Even If It Means Spending Less Time On Twitter

image from www.hypebot.comIf you are marketing music and not consistently interacting on Instagram, you are missing a huge opportunity.  The picture based social network passed 400 million users this week with growth so meteoric that it's leaving Twitter in the dust

And one of the best things about Instagram is that it makes it easy to post your snapshots to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr simultaneously.

This chart shows just how fast Instagram is growing and Twitter is not.


From Statista via Business Insider

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  1. If you are doing studio electronic music, with no front person, no touring…then what to put on Instagram?
    I can see how Instagram may be important for style-over-substance pop “artists”, but what about those who actually focus on making music?

  2. I think it’s still important. It’s just another marketing tool, but using a visual medium. It doesn’t take long to take and post a picture.

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