Setting Up A Recording Studio: What Goes Where?

2The idea of setting up a recording studio can seem daunting, particularly if you're accustomed  to just using a webcam or your computer's built in microphone to record, but the truth is it's not as complex as it seems, as long as you keep a few important concepts in mind.


In a recent article on MusicThinkTank, the author Ledgernote discusses the importance of thinking through the signal path when recording, talking you through what sort of micophone you may want to use, analog to digital conversion, the various sorts of software available, and more in this concise and straightforward guide for the DIY musician.

"The truth is is that it isn’t difficult at all if you can grasp one simple concept, and that is the signal path.  It’s the sound moving from your mouth or instrument and into the mic and down the cables into the computer.  Depending on what equipment you’ve purchased determines what other steps are in between.  For instance, if you’re using a USB powered microphone, it’s going to have a built in preamplifier.  You may not get killer results, but you are skipping a step.  A high quality microphone, especially a tube condenser, is going to need phantom power and a preamplifier to supply it as well as boost the signal from mic-level to line-level without introducing noise."

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