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7 Quick Music Convention Tips From Kosha Dillz Live @ CMJ

image from shemspeed.comCMJ is in full swing and Kosha Dillz is there with some great tips to handle all the stress and networking you have going on this week. He is also playing the CMJ Tune in TLV showcase tonight (Oct. 14) at Fat Baby 112 Rivington at 1 am.

 1.Business Card Season. – Make sure you put an extra not eor smiley face on your business card and hand it to someone. At the end of the day I may have 15-30 cards, which means I may have close to 100 before the end of time.
2.Be personal - When I say be personal , that means in all forms of  communication. introduce yourself. Ask the other person what their name is. Send personal text messages and personal emails to your shows or where you will be hanging out for the evening. The more personal you are, the better relationship you have in regards to having a successful CMJ.
image from Buy a stranger coffee or a drink at your event – I am a believer in good karma. It may seem weird, but if you meet someone at your event and you are happy they are there, feel free to buy them a drink or
4.Giving is the new hustle! – I packed my bag full of CDs and some tees and zip ups to give away. I even have 3d Pickle USBs.  If you are not into buying a drink, stop by starbucks and pick up 10 $5 gift cards for new friends to use.  They'll surely think about you when you give them this and a gift, and you might've just set yourself up with some new business.
5.Enjoy yourself - Attraction is the best promotion. NO one likes a debby downer and there are going to be so many amazing people walking by you that level playing ground is all about. Be upbeat even if you are down and make sure you show up to perform, even if that just means you are schmoozing and navigating your way through NYC.
6.Flyers and Posters and Stickers still rule: Take the moment to g out of the way to make up a few flyers and posters for your show. Be sure to pass them out at the Conference, other shows, and your own show. Although people might not make your event, they enjoy all the goods and keep a collection of things to check out.  A personal touch is great.
7. Portable Charger: Keep one on handy like a pistol. Not only will you need it to take the number you need, but you might save someone else’s life, who will never be able re-pay you, but that can be a good thing.
Hope these tips are the quite the refresher course you may need. Make sure to use one or some, and add your own tips to it. Anything we miss? 
Kosha Dillz is a CMJ artist and plays the Tune in TLV showcase tonight (Oct. 14) at Fat Baby 112 Rivington at 1 am. Make sure you see him on the street for CMJ and tell him thanks for this amazing article.

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