9 Examples Of Clever “Back to the Future” Marketing [Kosha Dillz]

back to the futureBack to the Future day almost made me cry. Not because it was sad that I'm becoming older, but because so much amazing marketing is happening and so many of us didn't join in on the fun of making all that money. Well, actually I did participate, but in a different way. I learned a lot yesterday, and I am here to share the news with you, one day after the future.

1. Nike

If you are wondering what is important about being in the press, imagine Marty McFly getting a pair of Nike's that came out of nowhere only to be desired by every sneaker addict for the next 30 years. Shoes that lace themselves will be the new jewelry of rappers! Every major news outlet is writing about it. I don't think they could've done any better. Look at ABC News and Nike

2. The US Government 
Barak Obama made himself look really good while tweeting Michael j Fox about the Future , where MJ Fox replied that he was more impressed by a man who made history. Yesterday was National Back to the Future Day. Look at the tweet here.

3. The Hundreds 
Instead of going Back to the Future, the Hundreds flagship store in LA became a popular spot for "Back to the Hundreds" releasing pictures of Lorraine on a T-Shirt along with the jacket Marty wore, and various other things that could make you say Great Scott. Check out the amazing line here and see what they are selling
Sure it is a decent newspaper if you want global news, but they took the little film and made it humongous by literally printing thousands of day of and day after papers for Back to the Future Day.  They sure will be the next paper I buy at the airport. Check it out here
5. Toyota Tacoma 
Marty McFly's Dream truck didn't have to be a thing of the movie . Toyota went forward to re-create it as a one off of the series, and they literally had one parked  in Hollywood Blvd to celebrate. I didn't think of Toyota the other day, but  now I will. Before there was an image of terrorists in Afghanistan riding in a pick up truck. Now we think good thoughts! You see how they changed the game?  I might even buy one …hmmmm. See what Autoblog had to say about it!
6. Olive Garden
The only way you can get to 1.21 gigawatts is by having unlimited breadsticks.  Why not? The more Carbs you get the more likely you'l veggie out there more often. When is the last time you went to Olive Garden? Look here and you'll go back. (in the future)
7. Back to the Future Rap Songs
I'm not sure how many back to the future music theme songs came out, but ASAP Rocky
had a huge increase in plays in his Back to the Future Song from 2012, as well as this rapper Country Boy released a Track as well 
as myself, which landed the "Give back To the Future" track on Nerdist and Hip Hop Dx amongst other big sites. Not to mention every Hip Hop Site wrote about list articles about songs influenced by the film.
8. The Movies !!
Believe it or not, Doc and Marty should be getting some big checks since yesterday brought in 4.8 million dollars at the box office. With all the jazz and horns accompanying the Jimmy Kimmel appearance, re-working Back to the Future into branding when tech didn't exist (in 1985) earned some big bucks. Besides that, they must've sold loads of popcorn too. See what Variety wrote about the $$$$ 1815 theaters in North America participated!
9. Personal Jokes / spoofs / personal branding
There were millions of tweets and facebook posts about Back to the Future. What about all the replacements? Crack to the Future andCat to the Future or BBQ to the Future , which was a re-enactment of the film by BBQ Film company.
We can dig deep here guys. I don't think asap Rocky knew his song would be listened to so much today. I don't know if Toyota will win over Pepsi (which was understocked) and I don't know if comedians have jokes for the day after #backtothefuture day. What I do know from my experience, is that being part of a massive day of promotion, is a timely manner that has lots of gain if you are prepared, but you lose completely if you are not. I personally re-emerged into a blogosphere yesterday with a trending topic song, and I think if I have one for Black Friday, I should start making that song now, instead of the day before Thanksgiving as a good idea.
Lastly, are there any things I missed that should be included for "Back to the Future" marketing? Let us know in the comment section because we want to know about it! Regardless, Check out an amazing article in Adweek for more great examples of marketing fever.
Kosha Dillz is an innovative rapper based out of Los Angeles who writes about all kinds of things when he isn't out rapping somewhere. His next show is All Ages on October 24th at The Smell in Los Angeles Follow him on Twitter@koshadillz 

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  1. dude i love the kosha dillz marketing with back to the future. Plus the song is great. I can’t believe it was as big as it was honestly.

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