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Adele, Apple Love/Hate Relationship Reaches Schizophrenic Heights

AdeleDoes the famously independent chart topping songstress Adele have a price? Is being associated with this anti-music establishment, often anti-music streaming artist worth a whopping $30 million to Apple Music? If several well sourced rumors are true, the answer to both questions is a resounding YES .

Like Taylor Swift, Adele has had a rocky relationship with music streaming.  While embracing YouTube, she's withheld her music from streaming music services for several months in the past.  And with an audience that includes many older fans still willing to buy music, Adele has an extra incentive to alt least window any release. 

But that doesn't mean the Adele and her team hate Apple.  They apparently asked Cupertino to sell the physical CDs in their popular stores. Unsurprisingly, Apple, who sells very little non-Apple product and no music CDs in their stores, declined.

Into that already schizophrenic mix comes a report via the New York Post that Apple is in talks with Adele via her agency William Morris Endeavor. On the table is a $30 million tour sponsorship package. If the numbers hold up, it will be one of the richest tour sponsorship deals on record at about 10 times the going rate. 

Love, it appears, has a $30 million price tag.

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