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Deezer, Google Play Add Podcasts, New Features

DeezerBoth Deezer and Google Play announced the addition of podcasts this week.  As music streamers fight to differentiate themselves from the competition, they are also becoming more useful utilities. But will the addition of diverse audio and video content dilute their core music offering?

Global music streamer Deezer announced this morning that is has added 20,000 new podcasts and radio shows for premium subscribers. NPR, Financial Times, Panoply, WNYC, This American Life, and CBS Radio News, talkSPORT, Bayerischer Rundfunk, France 24 and Braincast are all contributing content. Deezer is also expanding its audio offering in five markets: Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Colombia.

Deezer Deezer has added these features: 

●     Offline mode - Download favourite shows and listen offline, anytime Wi-Fi or a data connection isn’t available (Premium+ and mobile only).

●     Playlists - Listen to the latest episodes of shows in your library sequentially as a playlist.

●     Social sharing - Share favourite podcasts with friends on Deezer or via social media, including Twitter and Facebook.

Google Play Music To Add Podcasts

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Earlier this week Google Play Music announced that it would be adding podcasts in the coming months.  The move brings the increasingly popular medium to millions of Android usersm and could be a boon for podcasters.

The announcement was short on details, but in addition to the expected features, the new service will "connect new listeners with podcasts based on what they’re doing, how they’re feeling, or what they’re interested in."

Google has launched a portal where podcasters can upload episodes prior to launch here.

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