DJs.com Partners With Dubset For Rights Management

djs.comDJs.com, a new music streaming service aimed at providing a platform for DJs to clear and share mixes, has pacted with Dubset Media for registration, rights resolution and royalty management services.

The service hopes to address a major issue for DJs and EDM artists of rights clearances for DJ mix sets, and remixes of music. Mixes and remixes posted on popular web services such as YouTube are often at risk of facing DCMA takedown requests by automated systems looking for copyright infringement. Dubset allows labels and publishers to clear tracks, making them available for use in mixes while providing royalty streams for the rights holders.

"We are very excited about our launch. The DJ community is in search of a reliable platform where they do not have to worry about their content being taken down. We believe we have developed their new home," says Nick Steinman, president of DJs.com. "By utilizing Dubset's MixBANK we will be able to deliver incredible volumes of great new content along with the hundreds of thousands of mixes already registered by the world's top DJs."


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