Facebook’s Lead Ads Make Growing An Email List Easier

2Good news for artists trying to connect with potential fans over Facebook. The social media site has recently announced it will be using Lead Ads, reducing the amount of input required from users in order for them to gain additional information about events or sign up for things like newsletters.


Guest Post by Bobby Owsinski on Music 3.0

Facebook is introducing a new feature to advertisers called Lead Ads. This feature makes it easier for a viewer to sign up for a newsletter, event or more information.

1Until Lead Ads, an artist would have a link on a Facebook ad or page that would go to a separate landing page with an opt-in form in order to get someone to sign up for a mailing list.

With Lead Ads, when someone clicks on the ad, a form opens with the person's contact info automatically populated, based on the info they've already shared with Facebook.

This makes the form as easy as two taps, one to open the form and the second to submit, making it far easer to sign up. As we all know, the easier it is to fill out the form, the more likely that you'll get that person to opt in.

There have been a number of large companies already testing this feature like Oracle, Marketing Cloud and SalesForce, and all have found this to be more effect than the previous link on the ad to the landing page method.

You have to log into the Facebook Power Editor to take advantage of the Lead Ads feature. Here's a link to the Facebook page with more info, including a quick video on how it works.

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  1. Its a good move, but a big issue is that many people have an old mail connected with Facebook as they signed up 5 years ago and might have gone from Hotmail to Gmail (or something like that). So the emailpermissions might be out of date when collected…

  2. Thanks Bobby for the review about this amazing tool. Leads Ads more another app can do new subscribers into your autoresponder and funnel instantly, with no additional work needed. Now, it’s perfect. My cost per subscriber is near to 6 cents.

  3. Facebook Lead Ads are actually really making it easier to build an email list without even having to own a website. We at LeadsBridge have seen infact our clients moving up to 70% of their total Facebook Ads marketing budget to the Lead Ads format. In order to get the best out of them you should anyway always keep the leads synched in real time with your CRM/email marketing software and that’s exactly what we are doing to make the life easier for Facebook advertisers and avoid those unefficient and annoying CSV files:

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