Hacked Patreon Data Appears Online + How To Find Out If Your Data Was Breached

image from www.hypebot.comYesterday, we reported that Patreon had been hacked.  At the time, company co-founder Jack Conte assured users that no sensitive information had been breached. Now, much of the hacked data has appeared online, and the damage may be worse than feared.

The data hacked from popular fan patronage site Patreon has been posted in an online hacking forum. In addition to user information, the breach included private messages, campaign details, supporter information and private keys and passwords used by Patreon to authenticate external services.

image from www.hypebot.com

Hack tracker Troy Hunt of Have I Been Pwned first reported the data dump on Twitter.

Patreon was quick to inform users of the data breach and recommends changing your passwords immediately. The startup has also hired a third-party security firm to do an audit.

My Information Was Hacked. Was Yours?

Have I Been Pwned has created a useful tool that can tell you if you Patreon info was hacked, as mine was.  

Check to see if you were part of the Patreon security breach here.

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