How Songwriters Can Emotionally Connect With An Audience

1Songwriting is a significant challenge in and of itself, but being able to craft a song which audiences can connect with enough for it to stand the test of time is even more difficult. Here are some tips to keep in mind when putting together your next hit.



Citing the advice of Dave Grohl, Mylène Besançon of MusicThinkTank has put together a set of helpful and easily applicable songwriting tips (from allowing others to take a look at your lyrics to just taking a break once in awhile) for those musicians who may be struggling to put together a number that an audience, and even they themselves, will able to connect with.

"Many songwriters believe that there is a 'right' way of doing things, and a 'wrong' way of doing things. Whether you pick this up through schooling, or simple trial and error, you each have our own definition of how to write a song. But in order to write something great, something that people will connect to, you need to break free of these definitions. Try something different, and see how it works out. Give people something that they have never heard before, and experiment."

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