How To Be Yourself In The Music Industry

1Maintaining your integrity in the music industry can be tough, particularly when you're a new artist trying to become established, and while there will be countless people who allegedly know what's best for your career, it's important to stick to your guns.


William Tait has some important advice when it comes to being true to yourself as an artist, while at the same time doing what is necessary to advance your career. In this article on MusicThinkTank, he warns against changing your songwriting style to try and make more appealing to a mass audience, and why attempting to make your work become a "viral" hit will only backfire.

"What we consider good or bad advice comes from years of evolution. It’s how we got out of the caves and stopped beating our Uncle Steve with clubs.As we evolve, so does what we consider normal, also evolve. We are able to subjectively put out who we are to others without remorse.

Us musicians, on the other hand, are a little different.Not only do we have our social behaviors that have evolved, so has our music.Since music is a social tool used for connection, it only becomes natural to gravitate towards certain popular ways of music, much how we like certain ways of talking, making love, or food (some people are just weird, like we found out at the beginning.)."

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