How To Find What Matters To You Most On Hypebot

mouseScrolling down an endless stream of posts is not always the best way to consume content, so Hypebot has sections and tabs to help quickly find what matters most to you.


Are you a D.I.Y artist not interested in the latest Music Tech startup news?  Are you a Social Media marketer or Music Biz exec?

To find the content most likely to interest you, look just to the right of our logo at the the top of the page for our subject tabs.

There's also a More News tab that offers a continuously update stream of music industry and related tech news from across the web and another that takes you to our awesome sister publication,  MusicThinkTank

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 6.08.18 PM

Of course, you can still start or end at the Home page to scan through every article.

And don't forget the category links like Video, Marketing, Indie Labels and more listed in the right column.


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