Indie Label For Sale On Craigslist For Just $5000

dream musicRunning your own indie record label has probably been the dream of every Hypebot reader – unless of course you are one of those brave souls already living our dreams. Thanks to a Craigslist ad, someone else can jumpstart their fantasy for just $5000.


Handshake IncHandshake Inc., a Toronto-based indie label specializing in underground music has closed and been listed for sale on Craigslist.

The Craigslist ad, which puts the sale price for the label at $5,000, suggests that the label would be good match for "hobbyists, pros, and any goal-oriented people who still maintain a sense of hope and wonder about the music industry."

The ad lists assets for the label that include a back catalogue of eps, lps, 3 dvd titles and one book title. Also included, according to the ad, are North American and International distribution, digital royalties, press contacts, remaining stock (vinyl, dvds), 2k twitter followers and 2k facebook likes.

The label serves as a home for the Leeds-based punk outfit The Blacklisters, who recently released their latest album "Adult" and New York-based metal duo Twin Lords, whose latest album "Devastating Planetary Shift" was released in September.

In a post on Handshake's website, label head David Hall says that he felt compelled to make the sale due to unspecified health issues.

"I feel that I must be honest in providing the reason why I am shutting down the label, but am not comfortable in divulging details that are too personal, so I will say this: due to the gradual but unforeseen onset of a very serious health issue, I can no longer, in good conscience, deal with or run the day-to-day operations of the label. I could, irresponsibly, try and forge ahead, throw caution to the wind, and ‘see what happens’ but out of respect to my family and the bands and artists I work with, I will not take this approach," Hall wrote.

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