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Jay Z, Timbaland “Big Pimpin” Lawsuit Dismissed

jay zThe lawsuit against Jay Z and Timbaland over the use of a sample in their song "Big Pimpin" was dismissed on Wednesday.  The decision ended a week long trial in which the family of the writer of the sampled song "Khosara Khosara" has what Egyptian law considers a "moral right" to be compensated for use as a sample.

"Fahmy (representing the family) lacked standing to pursue his claim," said Judge Christina Snyder said in making her ruling. "In light of that decision, it will not be necessary to submit to the jury whether 'Big Pimpin'' infringed ‘Khosara Khosara. "I had to hear the testimony of Egyptian law experts in order to reach that decision." 

"We disagree strongly with the ruling, and we fully intend to appeal," the plaintiff's attorney Keith Wesley told The Hollywood Reporter. “We haven’t fully formulated our appeal strategy, but certainly we believe the court committed legal error in failing to restrict the license under Egyptian law."

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