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Managers Of John Legend, Knaan, Lindsey Sterling Exit Troy Carter’s Atom Factory

trpy carterThere were two major defections this week at Troy Carter's artist management arm Atom Factory this week, and with them went three marquee clients.

image from www.directlyrics.comTwo top artist managers Ty Stiklorius and Adina Freedman have left Troy Carter’s Atom Factory.

Stiklorius manages both John Legend and Knaan and was co-President and partner at Atom Factory. She is leaving to start her own company Friends at Work. Friedman manages Lindsey Stirling and is taking her with her. Friedman has worked at Atom Factory since Oct. 2012. 

Carter, who lost Marque client Lady Gaga last year, continues to manage John Meyer, Meghan Trainor and others.

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