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Music Publishing News Roundup 10.9.15: Warner/Chappell • Spotify • Sony/ATV

Jon-plattThis week, Warner/ Chappell announced their current president Jon Platt will be promoted to CEO. Known for both his creative intuition and leadership capabilities, Platt carries a successful track record from bringing in numerous top-notch artists including Jay Z and Beyoncé.

In a statement following the announcement, Platt stated, “My vision for Warner/ Chappell is one of peerless commitment to the songwriter and unmatched advocacy for the value of music.”

This week, Spotify has moved one step closer in delivering their streaming services to vehicles worldwide with availability for the first time through MirrorLink.  Estimated to be installed in 20 million cars, MirrorLink is known for granting driver’s smart phone connectivity through their automobile dashboard. Spotify’s availability through a widespread platform such as MirrorLink comes as significant news as the increasingly competitive streaming space moves into yet another medium while posing a threat to existing norms for the car such as terrestrial and satellite radio.

Sony/ATV has taken steps to combat music piracy with a new agreement with Rightscorp Inc to act as an agent to “monitor the internet for infringements of copyrights”. In addition to collecting data on piracy activity and tracking down IP addresses of those uploading infringing content -Rightscorp will “negotiate and collect settlements on Sony’s behalf with each infringer”. In a statement, Rightscorp said their new partnership “not only legitimises the market they serve as a growing concern, but opens the door for others to follow in Sony’s footsteps.”

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