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“Popcorn Time For Music” Aurous Suspends Operations After Court Grants RIAA Restraining Order

restraining orderNot since Grooveshark has any new music application drawn such major fire as Aurous. Dubbed the "Popcorn Time For Music" Aurous was sued by the RIAA and major labels just days after launching; and music's big guns have won the first round.

Days after filing a $3 million lawsuit against Aurous, the so-called "Popcorn Time For Music,"  the RIAA has obtained a temporary restraining order against the music app.

Under the court order, Aurous and creator Andrew Sampson are prevented from “infringing, or causing, enabling, facilitating, encouraging, promoting and inducing or participating in the infringement of, any of Plaintiffs’ copyrights protected by the Copyright Act, whether now in existence or hereafter created.”

“Defendants and their officers, agents, servants, employees, attorneys, and all persons who in active concert or participation with each or any of them, or who are aiding and abetting their conduct, are hereby RESTRAINED and ENJOINED until further Order of this Court,” Judge Jose E Martinez wrote.

Aurous Responds

“Our legal team is actively working to secure our place in the music ecosystem,” Aurous founder Andrew Sampson responded on Twitter. “Rest assured we want to be around a long time.”

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