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Remember eMusic? It’s Just Been Acquired By TriPlay

image from opinion.latimes.comeMusic was one of the first digital download stores. Once a haven for indie music lovers, eMusic has been a third tier player of late, as other download stores and streaming services grew in popularity. Now comes news that eMusic has been acquired by TriPlay.

Pioneer music download site eMusic has been acquired by TriPlay for an undisclosed sum.  Triplay develops personal cloud storage solutions and is the developer of MyMusicCloud and MyDigipack cloud music systems. 

TriPlayeMusic had been owned by Dimensional Associates, the private equity firm that also owns The Orchard. Today's deal, a combination of cash and stock, retains the executives and employees of eMusic and integrates both companies’ operations.  

The deal means that TriPlay can offer its "millions of active users" a unified music store, player, music cloud storage and accessibility via multiple web platform and apps. eMusic users will now have access to their music collections, both online and offline, on any device.

“We are thrilled to join forces with this pioneer of the digital music industry to offer all our users the wide variety of music they love in a comprehensive, next-generation platform, complete with the features they want and need,” said Tamir Koch, founder and CEO of TriPlay. “In the coming months, our users will begin to see significant enhancements as we introduce the complete music service they want, accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device.”

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  1. “eMusic had been owned by Dimensional Associates, the private equity firm that also owns The Orchard”
    Not since Sony bought them out 100% earlier in the year.

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