The 15 Scariest Music Genres

image from parkslopefifthavenuebid.comWith Halloween just days away, Spotify dove into their data to identify the 15 scariest music genres. From witch house to grim death metal to gothic doom, there’s something for every haunted house, trick-or-treat or costume party playlist. 

Click the links for a playlist of each genre’s unique tunes.

Scariest Music Genres in the World

  1. image from girlshue.comgrisly death metal
  2. ghoststep
  3. horrorcore
  4. goregrind
  5. technical brutal death metal
  6. charred death
  7. grave wave
  8. witch house
  9. hauntology
  10. death core
  11. brutal deathcore
  12. deep melodic death metal
  13. grim death metal
  14. black death
  15. grindcore
  16. slam death metal
  17. doom metal
  18. pagan black metal
  19. horror punk
  20. gothic doom

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