THE PITCH: Byta – Securely Send And Receive Digital Audio

The pitchToday's PITCH comes from Byta, a freemium service for securely sending and receiving digital audio.  Like all startups making their Hypebot debut on THE PITCH, Byta has 100 words to tell you all about their product or service and why it matters.


Byta is a fast and elegant service for sending & receiving digital audio.

Until now audio sharing has been a chaotic mix of services and tools divided by job, format and security requirements. However, we all share a common goal: to send & receive digital audio in a clean and simple way, no matter what role we play. 

With Byta’s Free Account anyone can quickly share their audio. Paid tiers offer advanced features, including watermarking and our Mailchimp Integration.

From Artists and Managers to Labels and PRs, Byta is one service built for everyone working in music today.

Sign up for free https://byta.fm


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