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Parola Raises $2M For Collaborative Music App, Here’s Their PITCH

The pitch

Parola, a collaborative music app, has raised $2m from angel investors. The seed round was led by Michael Cohen (Capital International), Yanki Margalit (Innodo) and Miki Tunis (SVP at The Orchard) Here's the startup's PITCH:

The Parola mobile multi-track record, remix and collaborate apps launched just last week. Like others in our ongoing series THE PITCH , we've given them up to 100 to convince you that Parola is worth paying attention to. 

Parola logo

Parola is a new collaborative music platform that enables everyone to create, explore and discover music. P​arola’s patented technology offers users the ability to record and remix studio-like sounds all from their mobile devices. The new music app allows users access to multi-­tracks of songs from the Parola catalog and the ability to collaborate in near real-­time with users from all over the world.

Parola was launched as an open music platform, similar to open source, where the wisdom of the crowd can influence the direction of future music. Discover some of the musical creations from early users here.


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