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YouTube To Unveil More Details Of Paid Service This Wednesday

Youtube_logoTo paraphrase The Kinks, I'm so tired, tired of waiting, tired of waiting for YouTube to launch their paid subscription service.  But it looks like, while we may not yet see a full launch, we will learn more about the new service this Wednesday.


Susan-wojcicki YouTube CEOYouTube will unveil some of the programming it is funding to place behind a paywall as part of its new subscription service at an industry event at its Los Angeles studio this Wednesday October 21st.

It is unclear how comprehensive Wednesday's announcements will be. Previous rumors had pointed to a full launch by the end of October, but now some sources suggest that may not come until early next year.  Wednesday's unveiling is expected to at least include some of  the content YouTube promised last year when it said it would fund videos from some of its top creators.

Many in the industry are  complaining about the size of the payments that YouTube returns to creators and rightsholders; and just as Spotify Premium pays higher royalties than its free ad supported version; a paid YouTube subscription service should boost payments as well.

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  1. I’d heard a bit a while ago about YouTube possibly getting a subscription service, but at the time I had just passed it off as something that wouldn’t happen. It didn’t seem to be something Google would do, as far as I’ve seen they’ve always had free services covered with adverts, something which has obviously been very successful for them.
    If the subscription option means that creators will receive more money, then I think it’s a good thing (I’m not a creator so I don’t have a place to say that, but I’ve heard how difficult it is to make a living with the current YouTube).
    What will Google be offering subscribers? I’m assuming it’s more than just removing adverts or something. The majority of users use adblock anyway, so I can’t see it working out with just that.
    I hope they don’t plan on limiting services for none subscribers either, as much as I respect Google I’ll definitely be jumping the proverbial ship if they do that, even though I’d be likely to pay for a subscription anyway (adblock or not, it can only speed things up if the ads don’t load in the first place).

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