10 Reasons You’re Not Getting More Followers, And How You Can Rectify The Situation

1No matter how talented of an artist you may be, being present on social media is no good if you don't have any followers. Here we look at what an artist can do to spruce up their social media presence and grab the interest of more potential followers. 


For bands and artists, developing a substantial following is a huge part of any social media strategy. In this recent MusicThinkTank piece, Jack McCarthy looks at what you might being doing wrong, and how you can adapt you strategy in order to gain a greater a number of followers.

"While it may be tempting to think about your social networks as promotional platforms, it is better to hold the mindset that they are platforms for entertaining your followers and informing them, and well as getting to know your fans and letting them get to know you. If you’re constantly spamming Facebook and Twitter with the same posts linking your new album or track on SoundCloud, you are likely to see people stop caring or even begin to unfollow you."

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