5 Methods For Integrating Playlisting Into Your Digital Marketing Campaign

1As more and more listeners are finding new music on their streaming service of choice via playlists, how to get your music on to one such playlist is something the modern artist should consider when mapping out their strategy for releasing a new track.


When compared to other methods of promoting new music, Playlisting is in many ways the Wild West of digital marketing. That said, it is still an important and, potentially,  highly beneficial tool for any indie musician, as Jørn Haanæs explains in his recent post on MusicThinkTank

"There are curators who work for the streaming companies in house, and their job is to churn out lists day-in and day-out. Bloggers and tastemakers craft lists in their basements and bedrooms, some of which have taken off and gotten very popular. There are radio stations and magazines that are now taking to streaming platforms as a way to extend their brand and be more social. We could go on, but what exactly does this mean for you? When it comes down to it, it means you have equal opportunity to get your music featured, one way or another."

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