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Adele “25” By The Numbers: 3.3 Million 1st Week Sales • 51/49% Physical/Digital • 67% Of Top 200 Sales

image from s8.postimg.orgMusic sales tracking firm BuzzAngle reports that Adele's "25" sold 3,327,992 total albums in its first week of release. Nielsen Music put the number slightly higher at 3.38 million. Sales were split almost equally between physical and digital with  “25” representing an amazing 67.1% of total sales in the Top 200 last week.

Highlights for Adele “25” Week of 11/20/15 – 11/26/15 via BuzzAngle

Album Sales Highlights

  • AdelleAdele “25” – 3,327,992 total album sales (#1)
  • Physical Album Sales – 1,682,840 (51%)
  • Digital Album Sales – 1,645,152 (49%) 

Adele’s physical album sales alone would have been the fourth-best selling debut week album of the last 25 years, as would her digital album sales alone.

Adele’s first day album sales, 1.49M, were better than the first week album sales for any album of the last 15 years.

Adele “25” also drew significant sales to her previous two albums:

  • Adele “21” – 33,485 total album sales (#8)
  • Adele “19” – 19,860 total album sales (#15)

The Top 200 Albums total 4,956,772 in sales

  • Adele “25” represented 67.1% of the total sales of the Top 200

The Top 1,000 Album Sales total 5,817,473 in sales

  • Adele “25” represented 57.2% of the total sales of the Top 1,000 

Album Total Consumption

Consumption total (album project units) = album sales + (song sales/10) + (on-demand audio streams/150)

  • Adele “25” – 3,409,779 album project units (#1)
  • Adele “21” – 45,270 album project units (#8)
  • Adele “19” – 26,227 album project units (#17) 

Top 500 Albums total 6,677,843 in album project units Adele “25” represented 51.0% of the total album project units of the Top 500

BuzzAngle Music does not weight album sales for any sector. All numbers presented are raw units directly measured from each retailer.

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  1. Thanks for posting this breakdown. For “album project units” I’m curious about the raw numbers for downloads and streams because it’s only — yes, it’s fun to be able to write *ONLY* in front of a big number! — another 81,787 album equivalents. Perhaps this means that in the first week of the album release many fewer singles were downloaded and many fewer streams were streamed than in the days leading up to the Nov 20 release.
    I’m assuming that the Target (US-only) exclusive album is included here. And I wonder how long that promotion will last before the 3 Target-only songs become available elsewhere.

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