Adele Broke U.S. Single Week Album Sales Record In Just 3 Days

image from www.etonline.comIt's official.  Nielsen Soundscan has confirmed that Adele's 25 has broken the single-week U.S. album sales record, and she's done it in just 3 days. After processing the first sales reports from Monday, Nov. 23, the album has sold at least 2,433,000 units.

That sum beats the single-week record for an album since Nielsen began tracking sales in 1991. It was set by NSYNC's No Strings Attached which debuted with 2,416,000 units sold in the week ending March 26, 2000.

Despite – or perhaps because of – the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, Adele is now on track to sell more than 3 million albums in her debut week.

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  1. But it’s all happening online which has a 1-2 week relevancy. Single week sales no longer mean shit when practically 99% of all albums sales will happen then. In this era single week sales essentially mean ALL TIME sales. MJ sold 63 million records on thriller, Adele has 60 million to go.

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