Bandcamp Adds Catalog Discount Bundles Just In Time For Christmas

image from static.wixstatic.comDirect to fan music sales site Bandcamp has added the ability for artists and labels to sell full catalog bundles at a discount.  Any artist with 3 or more albums can sell a bundle of releases at 5-90% off.


Bandcamp quietly launched the full discography discount purchase option last week and says its already a hit with userss.  "Based on the percentage of eligible artists who have enabled it, and their earnings so far," Bandcamp wrote in a blog post to users, "we know that if every eligible artist turns it on, we’ll see about $1.8 million in bundles sell over the next few weeks."

BC 2

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  1. Right now this is for artists only – or artists on labels. Not label accounts. I sent support a message about it and they gave me the usual “hold tight”.
    Shame – since I pay for a premium label account – that neither subscriptions nor whole catalogue purchase functionality has been rolled out for labels.
    Starting to get a bit frustrating actually.

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