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Eagles Fan Concert Footage Lawsuit Settled

the eaglesFew artists are as aggressive, and successful, at protecting their intellectual property as The Eagles. This time they settled before the suit went to trial.


image from cps-static.rovicorp.comThe Eagles, Don Henley and Glen Frey have settled a federal lawsuit against New York fan Bill Shelley. Shelley is accused of peddling bootleg tapings of live Eagles concerts.The lawsuit against settled with a permanent injunction barring Shelley from ever releasing or showing any of the recordings from any show.

Henley and Frey sent a cease-and-desist letter when they learned the Avon Theater in Connecticut was advertising an October 2014 show called "Legends of Rock Live: The Eagles: 1976 Tour" with concert footage from Shelley's film vault, according to the Associated Press.

Shelley's lawyer told the Daily News that Shelley canceled the show but the band members sued him anyway.

Both sides settled the lawsuit however the terms have not been divulged.

via Celebrity Access

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