Fame Is Bought: Why You Need To Pay People In The Music Industry

3While fame is frequently sought after in the music industry, there is no single person who is capable of making you a sensation overnight. In most cases, gaining notoriety is a gradual process, and one which requires investing a certain amount of capital.


As Matt Bacon writes in his recent article on MusicThinkTank, "making it" in the music industry requires that a band or artist make certain sacrifices, financial and otherwise, in order to fully invest in their career as a musician. While a lot of the work required in such a profession can be done by the artist themselves, certain things are better handled by paid professionals.

"I’m sure you’ve had that old lecture a million times. That the music industry requires hard work and rarely pays off. But here’s the thing – even your friends who are professionals in the music industry are probably barely scraping by and can’t bring you up ‘just because’. They are going to need some money too. They can introduce you to people and help get your name out there – but even your manager is not going to be able to invest a grand into you with the hope that one day it will somehow pay off. "

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