How To Reach More Fans With Your Band Blog Posts

4Using a blog to market your music is an excellent way gain more exposure and grow a fanbase, as it offers a personalized glimpse at who you are and what you're doing. That said, it doesn't matter how great the content of your blog is if no one is reading it. This article offers some tips on how to better promote your blog to both current and potential fans.


Guest Post by Melanie Kealey from the Bandzoogle Blog

Let's face it – in this day and age, while great music is the cornerstone to success, promoting yourself and growing a fanbase is essential. Marketing your music with an online blog is a great way to leverage what you are already doing into more exposure.

First, let's talk about blogging as a tool for promoting your music. Why should you blog? Well, blogging does a few things for you as a musician trying to reach people:

  • it gives your fans a sense of who you are
  • it sets you apart as hardworking, and interesting
  • it helps your website do better in search results
  • it increases your chances of people coming back to visit your website again

Getting started with a blog

As a songwriter or artist, you know that sitting down and writing isn't always easy. The good thing about a blog post is that it doesn't have to be a fully polished work of art. It just has to be genuine.

Use what you are doing already to create little snippets about your day-to-day life, as a musician or band member. It could be a song you heard, your latest poster, a show you played, or a funny thought you had while writing a song.

Compile these things that you already have in your mind and on hand, and get them online into a blog post.

Just like your music brings across who you are, so can your blog posts, a little bit at a time.

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Now that you've written a few witty and engaging blog posts – now what? It's time to use this content to reach more fans.

Music Blog posts with news

Use your social connections

If you are active on social media, you can post status updates that include a link back to your website's latest blog post.


A quick but personal status update is a nice way to reach a lot of fans all at once. Click Share beside any blog post, add a bit of text, then post to your Profile or Fan page.

Social Media share options


Click the share button beside any blog post to share it to Twitter. You can promote the same blog post a few times to Twitter, to reach more people. Need help using Twitter and figuring out how often to Tweet? Check out our Twitter basics for musicians.


Instagram allows you to post images or videos up to 15 seconds long. If you want to promote your blog post in your Instagram account, update the link to your blog in your profile, and note that under the image.

share blog to Instagram

Read all about it! Your email newsletter

Adding a blog post in either link form at the bottom of your next mailout, or re-purposing it in a newsletter is a great way to get even more out of your content!

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Make the headlines matter

Think about the title of your blog post. Choose something that is catchy but also keyword friendly. Keep it concise but meaningful. It doesn't have to be click-bait (as in, I wrote this song and you'll never believe what happened next!), but still something that would interest people.

Search engines like Google rank websites higher when they have fresh content. Blog headlines also tell Google what your website is about.

Blog with photos

Make your blog look modern

Whether it's adding images, music, or separating text out into paragraphs, spend a few minutes making sure that your blog posts are visually appealing. This will make them appear polished, professional, and get readers checking out the rest of your website.

You can also use our modern tiled view for your blog, which displays an image thumbnail for each post.

Tiled blog display

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Blogging is a great way to market your music without compromising who you are. Spend a little time getting your personality and musicianship across in a few blog posts, spread these out online, and your fans will reward you!


Melanie Kealey is an artist manager, blogger, and support technician at musician website and marketing platform Bandzoogle.

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