How To Write An Email Newsletter Your Fans Will Love

1Although they've been around for quite some time now, email newsletters remain one of the most effective ways of getting in touch with your fans, particularly if the content is engaging enough that said fans actually take the time to read it. Here are some tips on how to put together just such a newsletter.


Guest Post by Corey Zaloom of The Orchard on The Daily Rind

Why are email newsletters so boring? It’s easy to blame the format itself: email marketing is one of the oldest channels of our internet era. We’ve spent the entirety of our online lives receiving mostly-boring and frequently unwanted marketing emails. Yet, a wanted email, one that a fan has opted-in to receive, still converts better than social. You also own your email list and have better guarantees for reach than relying on another platform to provide impressions. Emails don’t get as lost in a feed or timeline and fans can find and read at their convenience.

Constructing an email takes more time than firing off a Facebook post or sharing the perfect Instagram shot, but that doesn’t mean managing an email newsletter has to be a major undertaking. So how do you make a great one? Let’s learn from example with one of the best artist newsletters out there: The Glitch Mob‘s.

TGM email


Here’s what makes this newsletter great:

  • The list format makes for a quick, easy read
  • The biggest piece of artist-related news is right at the top
  • The list includes things the group are loving right now — music related or not
  • They share updates from friends and collaborators, not just their own projects.
  • It’s mobile-friendly
  • Links to socials are always included at the bottom
  • It’s sent about once a month — regularly but not intrusively

What’s the takeaway? Don’t just keep it simple, keep it human. Share things you love, things that inspire you and you’ll be less likely to “not have anything to say” when it comes to sending a great email newsletter.

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