On It’s 6th Anniversary, PledgeMusic Shares User Stats, Success Rates

PledgeMusic_Logo_2014PledgeMusic turned 6 this year; and  in a thank-you post to their community of artists and music fans, co-founder and CEO Benji Rogers shared some never before released stats that reveal the platform's success rates, average purchases and more.

  • Benji RogersFor targeted campaigns, PledgeMusic says emerging artists hit and exceed their projected goal 87% of the time. For frontline acts that number ticks up to 90%. Combined they exceed their intended goal by an average of 12%.
  • 88% of fans on the platform buy a physical product, and the compact disc is still alive and well there, with vinyl coming in a close second.
  • PledgeMusic artists create over 400 pieces of unique content – behind-the-scenes posts featuring exclusive music, video, and images – each week and a growing number of these are being viewed on our PledgeMusic app.
  • Since 2014, PledgeMusic artists have charted over 130 times on the Billboard charts.
  • PledgeMusic artists have also held top spots on the charts globally throughout 2015 and, within a single week in the UK, Pledge artists held the No. 2 (Bring Me the Horizon) & No. 3 (The Libertines) spots on the UK album charts.
  • The PledgeMusic recommendation engine drives up to 10% of pre-sales.

"I could not be more proud to be back at Pledge as CEO," wrote Rogers. "Six years has taught me a lot. It has taught me that “good enough never is,” and that it’s easy to look at the music business and see only gloom and doom. However, I see hope, brilliance, and opportunities like never before. The business of making music has never been stronger. The tools have never been better. The fans are more numerous and ready to participate than at any time in history." 

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